Adult Education Teacher Competencies Self-Assessment


Adult educators can use this optional self-assessment to determine areas for professional development. To complete this self-assessment, fill out the form below and print it, or print out a copy and complete it manually. Note: you must keep a printed copy if you want to refer to it in the future no results are stored online; that means that your results are completely confidential. Feel free to complete this self-assessment periodically and thus note how your priorities and skills have changed over time.

The self-assessment contains 17 questions, one per competency, with performance indicators and sample illustrations providing additional details about each competency. The average completion time is 45 minutes.
Note: the self-assessment must be completed in one sitting as no results are stored online and the system times out after 20 minutes of computer inactivity.


Take the self-assessment, filling in each of the column as directed below as explained in the instructions [follow this link to view Instructions].

Follow this link (If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat, you can download Acrobat Reader for free) to download a PDF file of the competencies (with performance indicators and sample illustrations), upon which the self-assessment was based.