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Student Success Stories

The Beaumont Adult School taught me the importance of tailoring my resume to match the job I'm applying for.  I have also learned how to apply for a job position online. Additionally, I have improved my ability to communicate in English, and I have gained a better understanding of verbs in the past tense. Thanks to this valuable lesson and my professor, I submitted my customized Resume and successfully landed a position at County of Riverside as an Accounting Technician.  I'm incredibly grateful to the Adult School for their guidance. I couldn't be happier with my new job, with the short time that I came from Puerto Rico. I will recommend Beaumont Adult School to others who need help in achieving their goals.
UPDATE: I have since been offered a job as a result of my Extern time.
Coming into the Beaumont Adult School, I had no idea I was going to learn so much about what it takes to be a Medical Assistant. The program itself has taught me not only the basics of what it takes to be a Medical Assistant but also the dangers of working in the medical field. I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity, It all went by so quick and I could say it was a wonderful experience. I’m really appreciative of everyone that joined the program with me as we all came together to be successful and learn from each other. Throughout the program you’ll also meet amazing people that will help and guide you through it all. Our teacher, Ms.Fate, also played a big role in all of this as she worked hard and went above and beyond for her class at all times to make sure we were successful.
Moving forward, Extern was the next big step! Extern has been a success as we come to an end, I realized everything that was taught at school was used in the real world. At extern we have come a long way learning both front and back office and the staff has been nothing but great to us. I am really appreciative of them as well for guiding us and teaching us what it takes to work at an Urgent Care as it is different since it’s faster pace. I’m very grateful for this opportunity as I was a part of the first two to go to Extern. Overall, I highly recommend this experience to anyone that wants to join the MA program, it’s a great way to start and you’re surrounded with nothing but the best people.
I started learning English at Beaumont Adult School while also searching for jobs nearby. Before that, I had been trying to find a job for over two months without success. In class, our teacher not only taught us English but also helped us improve our job interview skills and showed us how to make a good resume and look for jobs online. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to get a job, and now I have several other job interviews lined up. I’m really grateful to Beaumont Adult School for offering these programs that have helped me so much in my job search journey.
What can I say about being a medical assistant student at BAS? It has been a wonderful experience! I would have never thought I’d learn the language of medicine in such a short time! Entering into the program in it’s first year has definitely kept us on the edge of our seats, but together we are getting through it!
Our teacher Ms. Fate is by far one of the most educated people I have ever met! She is very talented and passionate about what she teaches! We started off learning medical terms and vital signs and have made our way to giving injections, capillary punctures and checking in patients at the front desk! I’m very grateful for the opportunities the program has given me!

Man in CapMy name is James, and Beaumont Adult School helped change my life.

Early in life, I thought I was invincible, I was involved in sports at a high level and thought, "I'm not gonna need a diploma". I WAS WRONG. After a couple of injuries, I found myself in the workforce. Sure, I was a carpenter making decent money, but any chance of advancement was out the window without my diploma.

Now working full time with tons of overtime, I thought I was never going to have the chance to get my diploma. But that is when I came to Beaumont Adult School. They worked with me and showed me that even though I work a ton, there is ALWAYS a way to make it happen. They have teachers that actually go out of their way to help their students succeed, always understood that I live a very busy life but still gave me the tools to graduate. Sure, it didn't happen overnight, and sometimes it was hard to stay focused, but the support of their staff and family at home cheering me on fueled my drive to finish.

Finally, I graduated! My father never graduated so my whole life I told myself I was going to do what my father could not and make him proud.  None of it would be possible without Beaumont Adult School. Being able to work at my own pace was huge for me and allowed me to chip away at success.

I am not really the type of person to write these types of things, but it truly opened doors for me. I went from a regular Carpenter to now a Carpenter Foreman with a possibility of promotion to Superintendent.

There is always time to better your life, you just have to set your mind to it and do it, I know it’s not easy, but take it from me, Beaumont Adult School will do everything they can to put you on the path to graduating. Just don't wait 10 years like I did! It was worth every late night, and every early morning because now I have a brighter future.

Nursing student with mannequin
As a working single mother, I excelled in the HiSET Prep Class, received my California High School Diploma equivalency, and enrolled in the Beaumont Adult School Vocational Nursing Program.
Through countless hardships, I continued to persevere and taught everyone who knew me the meaning of the word "resilient." 
I graduated in Vocational Nursing Class # 26 with honors and am now serving my community as an essential medical professional. 


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By June 2010, I was working my first nursing job as a camp nurse in the San Bernardino Mountains. (They were willing to take my completion certification as I awaited my licensure).I worked as a camp nurse for a year and a half before I began working as an LVN for a medical rehab facility closer to my home. I worked with them for almost three years and then got the opportunity to work in surgery for almost a year. That was lots of fun. It was at this time that I completed my IV certification. The company was just starting and not offering enough hours for me to continue with them. Then, I finally landed a job with the local school district, and I have been here ever since!

I love working in the school district. The hours are great, the time off is wonderful and the support is amazing. I think this is where I will retire. I have been with the school district for 7 years now and can't imagine working anywhere else.

There were so many jobs I have worked as an LVN that I didn't know even existed before I became a nurse. It is amazing where you can find a nursing job in this wide world!


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Remember, all things are possible! It's never too late.

I became a young mama to four children and was about to have number five at the age of 34. I still had dreams and goals that I would have loved to achieve, and I did not want to be a statistic for having kids at a young age and never graduating high school. So I enrolled in the high school diploma class.

I made sacrifices and made it my top priority. With a lot of discipline, I made it happen. All things were possible thanks to encouraging staff members and God by my side. Shortly after receiving my high school diploma, I got my state license as a phlebotomist in the Medical Field. So remember, never give up; it's possible.