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Student Success Stories

Man in CapMy name is James Livingston, and Beaumont Adult School helped change my life.

Early in life, I thought I was invincible, I was involved in sports at a high level and thought, "I'm not gonna need a diploma". I WAS WRONG. After a couple of injuries, I found myself in the workforce. Sure, I was a carpenter making decent money, but, any chance of advancement was out the window without my diploma.

Now working full time with tons of overtime I thought I was never going to have the chance to get my diploma. But that is when I came to Beaumont adult school. They worked with me and showed me that even though I work a ton there is ALWAYS a way to make it happen. They have teachers that actually go out of their way to help their students succeed, always understood that I live a very busy life but still gave me the tools to graduate. Sure, it didn't happen overnight and sometimes it was hard to stay focused, but the support of their staff and family at home cheering me on fueled my drive to finish.

Finally, I graduated! My father never graduated so my whole life I told myself I was going do what my father could not and make him proud.  None of it would be possible without Beaumont Adult School. Being able to work at my own pace was huge for me, and allowed me to chip away to success. 

I am not really the type of person to write these types of things, but it truly opened doors for me. I went from a regular Carpenter to now a Carpenter Foreman with a possibility of promotion to Superintendent.

There is always time to better your life, you just have to set your mind to it and do it, I know it’s not easy, but take it from me, Beaumont Adult School will do everything they can to put you on the path to graduating. Just don't wait 10 years like I did! It was worth every late night, every early morning because now I have a brighter future.

Nursing student with mannequinGenny Manzo is a self-made woman and Beaumont Adult School success story.
As a working single mother, she excelled in the HiSET Prep Class, received her California High School Diploma equivalency, and enrolled in the Beaumont Adult School Vocational Nursing Program.
Through countless hardships, Genny continued to persevere and taught everyone who knew her the meaning of the word "resilient." 
She graduated in Vocational Nursing Class # 26 with honors and is now serving her community as an essential medical professional.