Distance Learning

Welcome to Distance Learning!
I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve you in your lifelong learning journey, truly excited to be able to be part of  this new learning experience called, "Distance Learning"." It will be a new learning adventure for all of us.

On the TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE of this page where it says, Select Language you can select your preferred language and it will translate the entire page to the selected language.
Phone (951)305-0307
We will have virtual classes everyday. I will email you the code once you are enrolled.
You will need a Gmail Account in order to join me. If you do not have a Gmail Account you need to create one! If you do not know how to create one, go to the box on the right of this page and click Resources, then click on HOW TO CREATE A GMAIL ACCOUNT,  and finally create your gmail account (Remember to save your password in a place where you can find it  in case you forget what your password is. I cannot recover it for you.)
I can be reached by phone to answer assignment related questions at (951)305-0307.
I WILL NOT RECEIVE direct calls, voice message and text only.
Leave a message with your name and a number where I can return your call.
I am also available by email at [email protected] or you can simply click under my picture where it says send email.
If you wish to work even more on improving your English skills, please check the resources I have put int he box on the right of this page. I will be adding links and videos to this site every week.